We believe that those we serve, are capable of doing amazing things and deserve our best. We support them in their journeys and celebrate their accomplishments along the way. We hired religious person to help churches processing data. Our secretaries are capable to do the data entry in a very good manner.

We believe in our core values.

  • Honesty : We believe in the importance of open and honest communication, each staff has the tools to work from home and help different churches.

  • Compassion : We believe, that churches that are serving their community, deserve our best and we offer care and support to them with the same compassion and interest that we would do to our own home based church.

  • Collaboration – With a footprint that spans from United States and beyond , we believe that working together yields the best results

Our resources

Upcoming Events

Our platform allows church leader to share the title of the church service (also called a service of worship) to attract more believers. We are creating a global place to advertise and promote special church events, conference speaker, youth event ...

Christian Writers

Our christian blogs contain Sermon, Devotionals, write-ups from church writer in one section so believers can read and apply in daily prayer and meditation. Reader can vote to encourage the writer. Church | Natianal is planned to reach 100.000 readers next year...

Evangelism & Outreach

Our Software gives young pastor  a platform to connect with a large public to win souls and make disciples. A daily devotional provides a reading for every day of the year. They have a format, purpose, and provide a time for daily prayer and meditation. ...


Today, a church member is considered active in the church if he or she attends three times a month. In many places, it’s even lower than that. Sunday service attendance patterns are a less valuable metric for measuring church health than ever ...


Great sermons illustrate the point - Search for passages of the Bible that relate to the point of your sermon to help back it up with a biblical point of view. sermon preparation needs to take a back seat to help keep your mind open to God’s leading..

Giving and Contributions

In 2 Corinthians 9:6–7, Paul shows us the heart of a Christian giver. All churches need to collect information about member's contributions so that the church can have an history of all donation and submit tax letter to the members ...